Communion Season has Begun!

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Written by Karen Jacobs

With an unexpected snow day and the threat of a polar vortex heading our way, it is hard for most to imagine that we are deep into First Communion season, an event usually associated with warmer days. But while the Communions themselves won’t be happening for months to come, now is the time to shop for dresses and suits for your child’s big day.

Did you know that Tiny Toes offers a wide selection of First Communion dresses and can special order suits for your little guy as well?  Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Read on for a few tried and true tips from our experts.


1. Timing is everything … literally.

Timing is a factor in just about every aspect of your First Communion shopping experience.  

First and foremost, the time to shop is NOW! While we have a great selection of in-stock dresses, often your specific size/style combination needs to be special ordered and nationwide, inventory is moving fast. We are already seeing certain styles with availability dates into April. To make sure you get exactly what you want, the time to shop is now. Which brings us to our next point with respect to timing.  

Schedule an appointment.  We are happy to see our customers any time of day, but communion shopping requires 1) lots of fitting room time and 2) lot of individualized attention from one of our associates. To make sure you have the best possible experience, call us in advance and set up a time to come in for a fitting. That way you will get our undivided attention.  

And finally, think about the timing that will be best for your child. Most communion appointments last about an hour and involve lots and lots of trying on of dresses.  This can wear on kids, particularly those that don’t love fancy clothes or don’t enjoy being the center of attention. Plan accordingly when scheduling your communion appointment and try not to schedule appointments after a long day of school and activities.  Make sure they have had a snack and are feeling refreshed and ready to go.


2. Keep an Open Mind  

For most children making their First Communion, this will be their first experience with uber-fancy attire. And while kids, and their parents, may think they know exactly what they want, we find the best thing you can bring with you to a fitting is an open-mind.  

It’s very likely your child will wear a much smaller size than they do in their everyday apparel.  Additionally, communion dresses offer half size options which keep overall length proportions fixed while allowing additional room through the chest and waist. Our staff has tons of experiences sizing dresses and is ready to help suggest the ideal size for your child.

Be open to trying a variety of styles as well.  Often times a child will think they want a super sparkly bodice only to realize that those beads and sequins can be quite itchy. We have lots of different options on hand, so keep an open mind, try on a variety of styles, and give us honest feedback about what you do and don’t like so we narrow in on the best options for your child.

Choose Your Entourage Carefully. Shopping for communion attire sometimes attracts a crowd.  There can be grandparents, special aunts or uncles, and god-parents who want to be part of the process.  Sometimes siblings are eager to join in, sometimes there isn’t anyone available to watch younger ones. We love a party and some of our favorite shopping sessions have included extended family and special friends.  However, for some kids, the shopping experience can be a bit overwhelming, and the crowd can only add to their stress. If your child doesn’t love clothes shopping to start with, or is easily overwhelmed by large groups, consider keeping your group on the smaller side. You can always narrow down the field of options with a smaller group and then bring the larger party back to see the finalist.

3. Schedule An Appointment

Be Our Guest. If you’re looking to take your shopping experience to the next level, contact us to schedule a private “Say Yes” session. You’ll get an after hours shopping experience including a personalized welcome message, light snacks and drinks, a “runway” and our undivided attention.  We’ll help you find the perfect dress, and you’ll have the entire store at your shopping disposal.

To take a sneak peek at some of the beautiful communion dresses Tiny Toes has in stock, visit our Communion section. See you in store soon!

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