Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

  • $15.99

Each tin includes Genuine Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty made of non-toxic silicone and proudly made in the USA. The putty is great for kids ages 8+ and never dries out! Choose wisely - each color has it own unique and fascinating properties.

Colors and Features

Aura - White, Glows Purple (3.2 oz)
Arctic Flare - White, Glows Magenta Purple, UV Reactive* (3.2 oz)
Enchanting Unicorn - White with rainbow glitter, Glows Pink* (3.2 oz)
Mystifying Mermaid - Seafoam Green, Aquamarine Blue (3.2 oz)
Howl - Metallic, Glows Yellow-White* (3.2 oz)
Dino Poop - Sparkle Brown (3.2 oz)
Foxfire - Green, Glows Blue, UV Reactive* (3.2 oz)
Liberty Bell - Metallic, Includes collectable coin (3.2 oz)
Monkey Business - Metallic Bronze (3.2 oz)
Tidal Wave - Metallic Blue, Magnetic (3.2 oz)
Super Lava - Brown with hints of red and orange running throughout (3.2 oz)
Solar Wind - Orange, Glows* (3.2 oz)
Quicksilver - Metallic Silver, Magnetic (3.2 oz)
Liquid Glass - Clear (3.2 oz)
Persian Emerald - Metallic Green (1.6 oz)
Copper Crush - Metallic Copper (1.6 oz)

*Glow Charger Included with Purchase